Celebrities Who Failed At Another Profession

What Celebrity to do when they’re bored of being a celebrity, how about try a different career. The following people have thrown caution to the wind and try their hand at a whole new career path. But there weren’t as successful as they had anticipated. Here are some Celebrities that tried their hands at another career and failed.

Beyoncé Clothing Line

You might know Beyoncé from her hit single ladies and if I were a boy. But there’s another side of Beyoncé you didn’t know about. Back in 2004 Beyoncé tried her hands at another profession but it didn’t go half as well as her signing career. Together with her mom she launched a clothing line called House of Dereon. Unlike everything else Beyoncé has ever done, the clothing was not a success. In fact it was a resounding failure.

The clothes were designed for young girls and despite the brand receiving millions of dollars’ worth of media exposure. The youth of America just wasn’t buying. House of Dereon even debut on the Oprah Winfrey show but not even endorsement from one of America’s top talk show host could increase sales. The clothes quality seemed to be the biggest issue. That and buyer were confused by the weird name and cryptic message. Today you can buy House of Dereon clothes on eBay for $15

Britney Spears Acting Career

You might remember the movie crossroads for a number of reasons. If you don’t will give you a quick run down. In February 2002 crossroads stars a young Britney Spears as a high school graduate named Lucy, with dreams of pop stardom. We then follow Lucy on a career discovering journey of the crossroads of her life. So far so good, until you remember that Brityney Spears called Crossroads the worst career decision of her life. The oops I did it again singer, ventured briefly into acting. But this decision would plague Britney for the rest of her life. Crossroads received many I star reviews on the movie rating website IMDB and its easy to see why. Considered to be semi autobiographical, Crossroads tells a story no one requested and it was reject all the more because of Britney’s terrible acting skills. We’re glad Britney quit Hollywood to go back to what she’s good at singing and dancing to incredible song.

Michael Jordan‘s baseball season

Michael Jordan is one of the most amazing basketball player in the world but he’s not good at all sports. You might assume that because he has all around athletic ability. He would be good at baseball as well, wrong. We know this today we know this because Michael Jordan left basketball to spend a year playing baseball.  

And it didn’t go according to plan. Believe it or not, Baseball was Michael Jordan firs love, but it didn’t seem to love him back. In his first game with the Birmingham Barons he went 0 for 3 and the Barons lost the game 10 to 3. And that’s not the worst part. In the 127 games Jordan played for the Barons, he only hit 3 home runs. When the season finished, Michael realized to should stick with his strengths and he returned to basketball the following year.

Clay Aiken Political Career

Clay Aiken is best known for appearing in several reality TV shows. First American Idol in 2003 and then on the celebrity apprentice in 2012, then he went to the music industry with great success. But all this wasn’t enough for Clay so he decided to put his speaking skills to good use in an entirely different career politics. In 2014, Clay decided to run for office. During that year’s congressional election in North Carolina, he ran as a democrat and came in second. It was a risky career jump, because Clay was trying to push his democratic views in a republican state. After he unsuccessfully ran for office, he received a lot of criticism of people asking why he even bothered. Did he actually think he could have that much influence on the State? Still he remained optimist until the very end. Although he admitted in the last few weeks he was unlikely to change the minds of most North Carolinians  

Kim K Singing Career

Barely a day goes by without us hearing something about the Kardashian. No matter what new idea they have, they always seem to make it into a business. Be it clothes, reality TV or makeup, we’re sure to hear everything Kardashian related, weather we like it or not. There’s one move by Kim Kardashian you might not have heard about, her singing career

Back in 2011 Kim released single called “Jam, Turn It Up” Have you heard the song? We didn’t think so, that’s because it got almost no traction. Kim’s tried to sell the song as a single in order to raise money for charity. But we hope she donated a huge about to makeup for the lack of money her single generated. In 2012 Kim was asked again if she would try to launch singing career and the business woman gave a straight up “No”