Movie Theaters

The Secrets of Movie Theaters

It turns out there are more going on behind the scenes in a movie theater that some of us have only heard about through rumors. So buckle up and get ready to hear some of these little secrets.

Concession Stand

What would a night at the movies be with out a big bag of popcorn and a soda to wash it all down?  Throw in a pretzel and some candy and that little snack can cost as much as a real dinner at a restaurant. And now before you get angry and think movie theaters are out to get you to make a profit; we got couple of things to tell you.  First off most theaters need to charge those crazy prices because they couldn’t say open otherwise. In most cases the money you spend of a ticket goes straight to paying the movie studio for the movie you’re about to watch. The theater needs to make a profit on snacks because that’s what’s used to pay the bills and the staff.  Now the cringe worthy part the $10 dollars you spend on popcorn and coke is  a ridiculously insane markup. After all that fountain drink only cost pennies for the theater.

Friend and Family

Family Enjoying a Movie at the Theater

Oh yes the good old popcorn. Stories and rumors about the popcorn are as legendary as the stars we love watching on the big screen. Now we already know the popcorn is dirt cheap to buy and make. And the theater make a killing off the markup, however your probably thinking about the rumors that involve old popcorn being reheated and sold as new. Well ewe got good news and bad news. The good news is that according to some current and former employees many movie theaters serve the popcorn right out of the oven. While other movie theaters simply reheat the popcorn from earlier in the day and served it up to customers. Worse yet the are even stories of employees pre popping bag full of the snack and keeping it on hand to be reheated when the need arises. And the worse part is some employees say they never seen anyone clean the pop corn machine.


You’ve likely heard of stories of people sneaking into the movies without paying. We don’t recommend that. Of course if you’re friend with someone who works at the movie theater or better yet have it in with a manager, you can likely get in for a free movie quite often. According to people who have worked in the movie business, many theaters give the managers the ability to let friend and family in for free. And even the employees are have the same power.  Consider it one of the perks of the job. I guess this goes with the fact that movie theater make there money off the concession stand and not the tickets.


When you’re running a facility that has hundreds, if not thousands of people cycling through everyday, there going to be a mess. But that’s not a problem, after all those crews that run in and clean after the movie do a job, right? Survey says NO! If we’re being honest cleaning staff only have a short time to sweep up the floors and gather up the left over popcorn bags and cups. Mopping up the floor and whipping the chairs are totally out of the question. That why many theaters, when you walk in your feet stick to the floor, but hold on because that’s not really the bad part. One news team did a bacterial swab on the head rest arm rest and the floors in the theater. The results were not pretty. Disgusting and dangerous levels of bacteria were everywhere.  The worst was the high count of fecal organisms, that’s scientific talk for poop germs. And there all over the seats at the theaters

Time for Love

The movie theater is the perfect venue for date night. After all many of us have had our first date at a theater. As much as that makes up feel good, one thing we must remember is that people are just animals, dirty, filthy animals. You probably know that theaters are also the kind of place where couples take the PDA over the line, from making out to a lot worse. Couples treat theaters as their own private room. We bet that would change if they knew how many poop germs there were all over those seats. Nonetheless the big secret here is not that people get a little hands on in the theater. It’s that staff knows exactly what you’re up too and often sees you doing it. The young couple hidden away at the back of an empty row to the pair who conveniently brought a blanket to cover the selves up, you’re not fooling anyone