Whatever Happened to FHRITP Guy??

Back in 2014, when internet videos were getting shared by everyone and everyone was having a good laugh.  One of the most watched genres were these news blooper videos. So today will be discussing the most watched news blooper ever, almost the blooper of bloopers, the king of all news fails.

This article is going to be about the hooded man himself, the “fuck her right in the pussy” guy I remember when this became a big viral sensation, everyone and your grandma was uttering the words “fuck her right in her pussy” It became this nation wide phenomenon, like the phrase itself had become larger than life.  But lets examine how all this happened, the origin and the conclusion.

The Beginning

The origin of the FHRIHP can all be traced back to a YouTube Channel with the name CainDaBomb, a seemingly random YouTube channel created all the way back in June of 2008. The channel had one big video featured on it the January 4th 2014 Tilted “Reporter fired for remarks about missing woman on LIVE TV”

Which was basically your run-of-the-mill news blooper type video. But note the key phrase used in the video, a phrase you were all well familiar with at this point. It seemed this CainDaBomb channel had set the stage for 2014 being the year of “fuck her right in the pussy” and this video was clearly was the first occurrence of that phrase being uttered on YouTube, in a news blooper typed setting. Just a week after this video had dropped, it began gaining traction. It was featured on many of the big YouTube video review channels, bringing up the view count to just over a million. But you might be asking what does this CainDaBomb channel have anything to do with FHRIHP guy? Well, will get to that a little later.


On February 13th of 2014 the FHRIHP fad would be taken to another level when a news blooper appeared on a mysterious channel called ThePofGuy. This news broadcast would be interrupted by a man wearing a black hoodie and sunglasses, the iconic FHRIHP guy. But who was the mysterious hooded prankster?

Well to everyone’s surprise the man would appear again on ThePofGuy channel, this time in video called man trolls news on live TV.  And it was in this video that we learned that the FHRIHP guy’s name was apparently Fred.

He had somehow made it a skill to track down these news reporters and prank them throughout 2014, he would strike again and again. People around the country were captivated by Fred’s antics. How was he able to do this? How was he able to track down all these news reporters and find his way into the shot to utter his famous phrase? Fred had definitely ascended to living meme at this point.


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