Whatever Happened to FHRITP Guy?? Part 2

Lets Take a Closer Look

The country was already in love with this guy and you had people trying to replicate what he did in a fashion of there own trying to bust in news interviews and utter the famous phrase. I thing we need to take a second and look at what Fred had done at this point and examine the logistics of him, because Fred had busted his way into like three or four live news interviews at this point. When you look at the logistics of something like that, you either have to be really lucky or have basically endless amounts time on your hand to track down these interviews and prank them. So all this makes you wonder, is this possibly a hoax?

Lets look at this, so lets go all the way back to the beginning and look at our good old friend CainDaBomb channel because that was the first mentioning of the FHRIHP phrase so it’s a good starting point.

So as I had mentioned CainDaBomb channel featured the video that had the FHRIHP phrase in it, in the news blooper format. Well keep that username CainDaBomb handy in your brain for a second as we go to the first video of the ThePofGuy channel, the video that features Fred’s first appearance. In this video’s description lies an link to a liveleak.com channel called CainPro, now this liveleak channel features everyone of Fred’s videos and with the similarities in the username “caindabomb and cainpro”

it wouldn’t be a stretch of the imagination to think that this might be the same guy. So who is CainPro Pro, who is this guy? It seemed who ever this guy was he was directly connected with Fred or he was directly involved with this FHRIHP project, something was certainly fishy here.

It Was All A Hoax

Well on January 2nd 2015 a bombshell would be dropped. John Cane the owner of all of the CainPro channels and the ThePofGuy channel revealed that the FHRIHP Fad, the whole news interviews was all a hoax.

John Cane explains that Fred was just one of the actors among many that were involved in his news blooper projects, all of those news reporters’ actors. The guy in the “news reporter gets fired video”, well that was john Cain. All these people were really all actors.

And after John Cain posted the video explaining that it was all a hoax, he posted anther video explaining why he decided to come out and explain why it was all a hoax

So pretty much for a whole year the world was fooled by some amateur filmmaker and some random dude from Kentucky named Fred. None of these bloopers were real to my dismay and to the dismay of many others. Fred these days is big on Instagram and gets recognized from time to time and as for John Cain, he doing pretty well as he’s the owner of the FHRIHP official web site which hosts a store that sells some t-shirts. So it appears John Cain and Fred have cashed in a little bit on this Fad.

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