5 Photos With CREEPY Backstories

Chances are either in an old box on our phone or computer or on our cameras we have a bunch of picture. Most people take photes al the time, but rarely look at them in great detail. Well here are some of photos that seem perfectly innocent at a first glance, but have a very creepy back story to them. So here are 5 innocent looking pictures with creepy back stories.

Family Outing

In 2015 a family from the UK went to Leeds castle. Its an old historic site and has a large park many people enjoy. While they were out and about they took some photos to remember the great day.

On the image taken by the dad of the two kids Ryan and Marian seems pretty innocent. However when they got home and look at, they noticed something that sent a chill down their spine. In the background seems to be a ghostly silhouette of a woman.

Creepy Silhouette Of A Ghost

You might think it was just a woman who was visiting that day. However the family says they were alone when the picture was taken. Not only that the castle is known for ghost and once you know its history this all makes sense. There were over a hundred beheading in this place, which was used by the royal family hundreds of years ago. So could this be the ghostly past wife of Henry the  8th.