How El Chapo Escaped From Prison

El Chapo on the one of the most wanted drug lords was finally captured and put in a maximum security prison, where is was being video monitored 24/7. So, there was not chance of escaping right? Wrong!! Despite all of this, El Chapo found a way out. His crew cleverly built an underground tunnel and helped him escape. This was one of the most insane prison escapes the world has ever seen.  

The Beginning Phase

El Chapo drug cartel purchased a small plot of land as close to the prison as they could get and began constructing two small homes as a cover for there real intentions. The homes never made it past a thick rough outer shell though. Because of course they would not be used for living.  Instead they provide the cover needed for construction on the tunnel that would set El Chapo free. But the tunnel crew was facing crazy pressure to finish as quickly as possible. Due to his history of escaping from prison Mexican authorities could at any time transfer El Chapo to another prison in order to foil any escape attempts. Everyday the tunnelers took to take to get there boss was another day the whole thing could be for nothing. Time was running out and pressure was mounting

Prison Life

El Chapo in his maximum security prison cell

 Inside his cell El Chapo was the model prisoner. Despite his long history of ordering some of the most horrific violence Mexico has ever seen. El Chapo maintained a nice and pleasant attitude with his prison guards and fellow inmates. His conversations over the phone were carefully monitored, his mail checked by prison officials. But not a single hint of the ongoing plot was ever revealed. El Chapo was a true professional by now and patient, but his patience was running out. The tunnel diggers faced a tough task from day one; they knew they had to move fast. Despite the incredible pressure on them however they managed to not only reach el Chapo before any potential prison transfer they end up breaking through to his cell just 16 months to his prison stay.

The Tunnel

The tunnel was sophisticated, impressing officials who would later say that a tunnel of that magnitude, should have taken 18 month to 2 years to construct. The walls were reinforced when needed and a generator pumped fresh air through a mile long ventilator to keep the tunnel oxygenated. On the ground the tunnelers had laid down rails and used a motorcycle to shuttle carts which were filled with dirt to back and forth. When El Chapo was reached he would ride on that same motorcycle and quickly shuttle the mile long distance to freedom. All that dirt had to go somewhere, so the tunnelers transferred it to the tunnel opening. Where the others would spread dirt around on the field outside, rather than dump it in giant piles, which would no doubt draw attention.

The Escape

So on the night of July 12 2015 the sound of metal scraping came from El Chapo’s Shower inside his cell, moments later the ceramic bottom of the shower broke free and a friendly face greeted the imprisoned drug lord, helping him into the darkness below. Wasting no time El Chapo went into the secret tunnel, climping down 30 feet into tunnel only as wide as a man, but just tall enough for El Chapo to stand upright. In the tunnel he boarded a small Motorcycle which had been affixed to metal tracks and El Chapo was cruising along the well lite tunnel like a kid on a amusement park ride. Few minutes later El Chapo ended his joy ride by climping up wooden steps and popping up into the empty shell of a home his crew had been secretly working on for months. Changing into clean clothes, El Chapo then hopped into a truck and rode away into the dark of the night.

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